Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Parasitic Infections in Human Body & Hulda Clark ParaZapper

This planet is occupied with number of unicellular micro-organisms like parasites and bacteria. A number of these unicellular organisms are beneficial for humanity as they decompose the dead organisms and waste materials in useful substances like nitrogen etc. these micro-organisms are found everywhere around us and most of them are parasites which lives on host body and rob their food and required nutrients from host. There are many bacteria and other parasites that live in the human body and many of them are very dangerous for our health but some also beneficial. A major percentage of bacteria and parasite can be harmful when the immunity fails, which actually cause many infectious and fatal diseases in human body. In this article I will tell you in this article that how these parasitic pathogens entered in human body and cause infections?
Micro-organisms exist everywhere around us (omnipresent) and in our daily activities they are contracted with our hands and body as well as these also enter in human body by means of our daily food and impure water. In Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India these germs entered in human body mainly with impure water as there as lack of sewage/drainage system. So in Asian countries there are number of infectious and fatal diseases are caused by these parasites which in many cases deprive infected person from his/her life.
When these parasitic organisms enter in human body, our body activates its repair system which is called immunity. This immune system then fights against these germs (Pathogens) which caused the infection. Many parasitic infections are unnoticeable because the symptoms of parasitic diseases may resemble some other diseases. Only when the immune system has fought hardly with germs we can experience the symptoms. The symptoms of disease which we experience of parasites infections are actually often the response of our immune system against the parasites and other microbes. Many symptoms make the infected person drowsy and lethargic. Many infections of skin like itches, boils and pus are evident to parasites. Throat and nose infections are caused by Parasites in respiratory tract. In digestive tract these parasites cause digestive problems. Medicines and different kinds of antibiotics are taken to accelerate the immune system and to reduce the infection from human body. But the matter is that these parasites have the capacity to resist the antibiotics by building a layer of protein coat around them.
Parasites reproduce by cell division mechanism, and when they find an adequate environment they increase their numbers exponentially. These harmful parasites enter in your body through many ways and causes infections.

Now as you come to know that these parasites have the ability to resist the antibiotics, so there is need of alternative method to kill these germs. The best way to kill them may be the Parasite Zapper from ParaZapper. This products use mild electrical pulses to kill bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and other microbes in water based environments. Because they are so effective in killing bacteria, there is a significant opportunity for using these devices to save human lives. 

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