Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Settings For Graves

A funeral is a part of every funeral where the dead body is buried in the ground; burial and funeral are other names for funerals. To conduct a funeral, is a designated area about six feet deep, so the body is wrapped in a shroud or placed in a coffin lowered into the grave dug and recovered with soil excavated soil. A plaque or sometimes a simple cross can be placed in the tomb.

Human burial practices are a way to show respect for the dead. They are also a way to make a closure to the family and friends of the deceased. In some cultures, the funeral meant to be needed to reach the afterlife step while some religions prescribe specific lifestyle, including the elimination of the dead. Alternatives to traditional burial intend to maintain respect for the dead and / or expand the exposure of the remains.

Cremation is another popular method is an alternative to the customary burial. This process consists of combustion residues and is common among Hindus. Although it has also become more common in other cultures too. If the family wants, ash can then be transformed into a gem as the creation of synthetic diamonds. People who choose to get the remains after cremation times not attracted to the concept of traditional funerals. They may prefer the cheaper cost of burial, or they may want to simplify the process for the funeral. There are also other ways of disposal or storage of cremated remains, ash or slag. The ashes placed in urns can be stored for burial niches. Ash can also is spread in the sea, river, beach, park or areas that family members had hoped that the remains are found.

These garden and burials used as a final resting place for the dead called "burial at sea". The body can or cannot be placed in a coffin. cremation ashes diamonds Australia can be considered a burial at sea, when the ashes scattered in the ocean, and there are commercial services that make for a fee.

In some cultures and tribes Yanonami the dead were cremated and the ashes remain with pasta eaten banana. This practice is called funerary cannibalism and may account to share the strength of the dead, spiritually close circle, to destroy an enemy or pathological mental state. For more info please visit Wikipedia.

Another alternative funeral ecological environment is increasing the degradation rate to fertilize the soil.

The excoriation is a Zoroastrian funerary practices some companies with meat and organs removed from the body with only the remaining legs. The body is left in one place for vultures and other birds that feed on fish or carrion but fully massacre in hand.

Relics were criminals by Gibbeting publicly announced as usual punishment. it is also known as "hanging in chains", where the bodies of executed criminals publicly hanged on a gallows to deter potential offenders. More places like China and the Philippines are the hanging coffins placed on the rocks. The Resonation, which is much more environmentally friendly than cremation, waste disposal through an accelerated process of alkaline hydrolysis. While the ceremony from the sky, an ancient practice grave of Tibetan Buddhism, is to place a ritual dissected the corpse of a mountain and exposed to the elements. Cryonics a pseudo-medical procedure to physically preserve the body in any future revival.

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