Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Nawaz sharif has been controversial now a days

Why Nawaz sharif has been controversial now a days ?
It was in 2013, when the Nawaz sharif addressed the nation. He said, we have won the elections, we won our campaign, people voted for our motto and now we will fulfil their needs and will work for the welfare of country.
But the elections become controversial when Imran khan after recovering from his severe injury claimed some charges of rigging the votes. Everyone started listening to his point of view regarding elections. Media over hyped the situation and in this way he started campaign all over the country. He called people for long march and people replied his voice with their presence at D chowk Islamabad. Ideally situations were against Nawaz Sharif and rumored spread that 3rd umpire will blow the government. But the luck favored PM and he survived in the situation.
Another case is in the court regarding his assets details. Imran and his party sued PM Nawaz due to his false declaration of assets in elections of 2013. Yet different scenario but once again Nawaz Sharif has been controversial along with his whole family.
see here Nawaz Sharif Net Worth in 2016.
People have now quiet different vision for Nawaz Sharif and they want a clear cut inquiry that would all the assets and wealth that he owned. This would satisfy the people, this controversy can solve the riddle, wheather Nawaz Shaif or Imran khan is going to win the election in 2017.

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