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Nawaz Sharif Entry into the politics | How he Get into Politics | Is it worth him to be PM

Nawaz Sharif Entry into the politics. Nawaz sharif, son of Muhammad Sharif, belonged to a well off family. Born on 1949. Sharif family was in business from there some forefathers and he succeeded the wealth as it. There are many rumors about how and why Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif entered into the politics. As he was a business man, so political affiliation was consider part of it. As the quote goes, that a poor man can’t do politics. As went with the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, but in opposite sense. That is, every rich man has some role in politics. Today Nawaz sharif net worth is in billions while it is rising day by day.
nawaz sharif entry into politics

It was Zulfiqar Ali bhutto’s Era when he planned to nationalize all the industries and machineries working within the country. Bhutto executed the plan. The idea behind his decision was to make all the industries and factories under national premises and then rule them to equalize the rights of workers and to grow the economy. Other side of the picture says, this was a complete failure that is a real picture. Reason behind the Zulfiqar Ali plan was due to lack of industrial heads. So all well establish industries were ruined.
nawaz sharif net worth in billion

In this whole game, Some assets like industries of Sharif family were occupied by the Govt and Sharif brothers and family went abroad to do their business. Slightly different from the topic but I would say this was the reason that most of the business man left the beloved country just because of poor management of Bhutto. Though, his idea would be better executed if we had better administration in our country Pakistan.
Somehow, Sharif family, which was not very much interested in the politics, get fully involved into it. They started making parties, alliance and did their best to show presence. And they did well in it. Zia was considered as the promoter for the Nawaz Sharif and his political party.
As the time passed, Mian Nawaz Sharif struggled hard and won 90s elections. This led him to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. As he become the Prime minister of Pakistan, the very next year he revered the Bhutto’s stance of industrialization. Now all the assets holders were very happy to have their properties back. This step by the then PM made him ideal for businessmen and all related people. The industries which were given back the hold to their original owners, also included some of Sharif family. It’s another debate that he did all of his politics just for this cause. But this is how Sharif family get into the politics of Pakistan.
After that the PMLN performed well, but to unstable situations there. Military took over the charge two times. This included Nawaz’s era. Now in 2013 he won election with a better majority and has full fledge presence in national assembly.
During these days he faced many hurdles in the path of politics. He faced dictators, and was sent abroad with the agreement of staying there for 10 years. That was sheer dishonor to his struggle. But somehow he rose again and came Pakistan to get back his hold. In first elections after his arrival in Pakistan, he lost elections and could not get his better presence in national assembly. The reason was the loose campaign and Benazir death. These both added together and Sharif lose the chance of becoming PM. Later on his party performed well as opposition.

In 2013 his party again took part in elections. And this time he had fought against PPP and PTI as well. PTI was in much aggression and unpredictable. But at last, long lasted struggle of Nawaz Sharif become fruitful and he won elections with clear cut majority. He did not even have to request some other party for a single seat. All he did this all alone and is now performing in federal. 

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